The United Order of Tents

Eastern District 3

The United Order of Tents is a Black women's fraternal order located in Brooklyn, NY. Established in the 19th century, The United Order of Tents originally provided aid to those escaping slavery via the Underground Railroad. Now, our current mission is to serve our community, especially our elderly neighbors. We recognize and solve local issues through our bond of sisterhood.



One of the oldest Black women’s aid groups in the United States urgently needs your help.

The United Order of the Tents is a secret society that has worked quietly for more than 150 years to care for Black women and children.

But in recent years, its historic Eastern headquarters in Bed-Stuy has come under threat due to bad contractors, financial hardship, and opportunistic property developers.

Now, the Brooklyn Tents needs YOUR help to ensure its legacy can be protected for future generations.

To contribute to the preservation of this historic building and the legacy of this organization and it's history-click this link to the Go Fund Me page to donate today!!

Reflections on Black Sisterhood and The United Order of Tents event in honor of Women's History Month April 2, 2022. Hosted by the Brooklyn Public Library Macon Branch.

Features reflections from Annette Lane Harrison Richter, the great-great-granddaughter of co-founder Annetta M. Lane.

Additional thoughts shared by the Honorable Inez D. Barron, a former juvenile member of The United Order of the Tents.

Photo Credits:

Irma and Paul Milstein Division of United States History, Local History and Genealogy, The New York Public Library. "Brooklyn: Macon Street - Tompkins Avenue" New York Public Library Digital Collections. Accessed March 2, 2021.

United Order of Tents Eastern District #3 recipient of 2021 BedStuy Create and Connect Fund from the Laundrymat Project!!

Click here to find out more information on Tea with the Tents coming this spring, The Bed Stuy Create and Connect Fund and the Laundrymat Project.

Scenes from Juneteenth 2021-

Cadman Plaza Juneteenth Grove

Sponsored by the Cadman Park Conservancy and the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and Lyft

United Order of Tents ED #3 Superintendent Mrs. Peterson, and Tent Sisters Mrs Gregory and Mrs. Levine with Friends of Tents Kelly Britt.

Mrs. Gregory with Senator Schumer too!

Juneteenth Celebration

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