History of 87 MacDonough Street

87 MacDonough Street was constructed in 1863 for William A. Parker who would later hand ownership over to James McMahon. Upon Mr. McMahon's death in 1913, the mansion inherieted by his daughter. Eventually the mansion was purchased by the United Order of Tents Eastern District #3 to use as their headquaters in 1945. Throughout the next 70+ years the Tents used the building as a space to convene and discuss issues within their community. Decisions on how to best serve others were made at these gatherings. Besides regular meetings, the Tents also used the space to perform their ceremonies and rituals that signified their sisterhood. Generously, the Tents also allowed other clubs to meet in the building. The Tents continue to use the mansion to this day for their activities, though due to the state of the property, they can only meet at certain times of the year.

Source: Spellen, Suzanne. “Stuyvesant Height Mansion: Under the Big Tent, Part 3.” Brownstoner, 2011, www.brownstoner.com/history/walkabout-under-2/.