About The United Order Of Tents Eastern District #3

"Our mission is to care for the sick, comfort those in distress, bury the dead, provide a home for the aged and infirmed women and the orphans of deceased women of all races and nationalities. In addition, uplift fallen or less fortunate women and [uphold] women to the highest standards of Christian living and to strive to achieve for women high standards within our nation. To work with and encourage young girls to achieve their maximum potential in society."

- Essie Gregory, President Eastern District Executive Board

In 1847, The United Order of Tents was created as a response to the need for activism in the Black community. Groups of women would formally come together to socialize, discuss social issues, and find solutions as to how they could help others. Some of this early aid started out as assistance to the sick, burying those who had passed away, and helping enslaved Black people obtain freedom. The Tents gained their name because the first members carried out the group' functions quite literally in tents. The Tents met as a secret society, as New York state did not allow the group to formally operate. Thus, not much is known about the Tents' past.

Today, this small group of Black women come together to act on social issues. The group still sticks to Christian values, and is welcoming to all Black women. Friends of the group are working to assist the Tents in revealing their history as a society. Eastern District #3 is now working to become a non-profit organization, so that it can shed its secret title, and use monetary donations to provide more support to people in need. The Tents are also looking for support in terms of membership. Contact us through email or the Google Form found on the home page of this website if you are interested in becoming a member!

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"Clubhouse Excavation: The United Order of Tents" by Kelly M. Britt and Essie E. Gregory

Artwork by Sirin Thada @sirinthada